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Alaskan Athabaskan Eskimo Trade Pipe

Photographs courtesy of www.sasquatchantiques.com Alaskan Athabaskan Eskimo figural hand carved trade pipe and stem. Novel hinged bowl cover the Eskimo figures mouth has a tiny slit to allow airflow when lid is closed. The hand [...]

Presidents Corner February 2017

I have several things that I would like to accomplish as your new president. I want to make the club meetings fun and interesting with the goal of not only keeping the members we have [...]

Packing Your Pipe

By Steve Stein The Basics Pipe smoking does not have to be difficult if you remember a few basics. You need a pipe, tobacco and fire to ignite your tobacco. Regardless of the particular method [...]

“I believe that pipe smoking

contributes to a somewhat

calm and objective judgment

in all human affairs”

~Albert Einstein~

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